Long-term lease

The fastest and easiest alternative to car ownership, allowing you to use your car only when you need it.

What is a long-term lease?

The biggest advantage of a long-term lease is flexibility regarding the length of the lease. Rent a car from 1 to 12 months and return it as soon as the car is no longer needed. No unpleasant surprises - maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance and similar costs are already included in the fixed monthly rent, so you can feel at ease knowing that you won't have to worry about unexpected repairs, rising interest rates or rising insurance costs.
Car in one working day

All of our cars are on-site, so once you've chosen the car you want, you can rent it with just a few clicks, and you'll get it in just one working day.

The most suitable choice for everyone

Our website displays a large and constantly updated range of car models in real time: from economical electric cars to luxury high-end cars.

Stable fixed payment

Guaranteed protection against economic fluctuations! As interest rates change and inflation increases, the lease payment remains fixed for the duration of the car lease.

Cancel anytime!

A simple cancellation policy allows you to stop the car rental at any time.

No additional costs or queues at the service

When you rent a car, you also get a full maintenance package: we will take care of insurance, repairs, 24/7 roadside assistance and a replacement car.

A car according to your needs

Unexpected changes and you want to change your car? With Hertz, you can change your car whenever you want - to a bigger, smaller or greener one.

Flexible financing solutions

We flexibly take into account the individual needs of each client: for one fixed monthly payment, we offer the opportunity to use a new car or change to another at any time during the contract. No down payment and no premium!

What is the advantage of long-term rental over leasing?

With a long-term lease, not only can you forget about the down payment, but you can also feel at ease that you only pay a fixed monthly payment, which already includes the costs of using and maintaining the car. In the case of leasing, the monthly payment may be lower, but you will have to take care of all the additional costs yourself, such as maintenance, insurance, etc.

Toyota Corolla Cross
Operating lease
Long-term lease

Monthly payment


611 €

425,74 €

Security deposit

10 %

0 %

10 %

Rental period

60 months

6 months

60 months

Monthly mileage

2500 km

2500 km

2500 km


200 €

350 €

200 €

Additional services
179 €

TPVCA (Compulsory Drivers Liability Insurance)

15 €


38 €

Regular technical services are performed according to the manufacturer's requirements

12 €

Tire replacement, installation and storage

5 €

Sets of summer and winter tires

1 €

Technical inspection

20 €

Technical assistance on the road around the clock

Administration of insurance events

Administration of accounts

Replacement of naturally worn parts

5 €

Replacement car

20 €

Annual price increase of services (inflation)

15 €

Fuel card and its administration

Total monthly payment *
497,20 €
611 €
* The prices shown in the table are indicated with VAT.

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Long-term rental service package

  • TPVCA (Compulsory Drivers Liability Insurance)
  • Regular technical services are performed according to the manufacturer's requirements
  • Tire replacement, installation and storage
  • Sets of summer and winter tires
  • Technical assistance on the road around the clock
  • Administration of insurance events
  • Replacement of naturally worn parts (pads, brake discs, etc.)
  • Replacement car
  • Fuel card and its administration

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What is included in the car subscription monthly payment?

The monthly payment includes all expenses related to the operation of the car: 24 hours. roadside assistance; Insurance; technical services; organization of technical maintenance and repair work; winter/summer tires and storage; account administration; replacement car.

Can other people drive the car?

Yes, you can add as many additional drivers as you need.

How long will it take to provide me with a vehicle?

Most vehicles are provided within 24 working hours.

What is the duration of the commitment?

The minimum rental period is 1 month.

Where can I pick up the car?

Hertz has 5 rental points throughout Lithuania where you can pick up the car. Also we offer delivery to desired location for an additional fee.

Is there any excess for the vehicle?

Yes, 350 eur.

What is the liability for exceeding the mileage?

The price of the exceeded kilometer is 0.12 eur + VAT.

Can I cancel the contract before the end of the rent term?


Can I change the car for another one after signing the contract?

Yes, you can.

What are the requirements for car subscriptions?

Valid driver's license.

Can I travel abroad with a rental car?

You can travel with a rental car within the European Union.

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